Eat Well, Live More Booklets – Pack of 10


These A6, 40 page booklets are perfect for handing out to clients after any sort of meeting or event. They summarise the basis of healthy eating, include tips about how to eat healthily at home and when eating out. Plus there are some quick and easy recipes.

Packs of 10, £35.  2nd class postage included (UK).


  • Poor diet causes disease
  • What is the healthiest diet?
  • Nutrients in real food
  • What is a carbohydrate?
  • How the body removes sugar from the bloodstream
  • Impact of blood sugar levels on energy and cravings
  • Why is it so hard to lose weight?
  • Restricting calories
  • How to keep blood sugar levels stable
  • What about fats?
  • Eating well without calculations and reading labels
  • Eat more plants
  • Eating out and staying healthy
  • Eating at home and staying healthy
  • Stocking your healthy kitchen
  • Recipes




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