3. Further Resources

Dr. Zoe Harcombe has a wealth of resources available that are very useful for developing your knowledge further, staying up to date with current discussions and debate around diet, health and nutrition. Every week Zoe releases a blog that is posted on her site www.zoeharcombe.com

Typically she comments on media headlines, articles and recently released research. Zoe has a huge catalogue of blogs and to gain access to a full history you can subscribe to her site for a nominal amount. The subscription not only means you will receive the newsletter to your inbox each Monday morning but you will be able to access the full archive.

The website also details all of Zoe’s books which include weight loss and recipe books and may be useful for signposting patients to.

The Harcombe Diet has its own website https://theharcombediet.com and is a resource to which patients can be signposted. Readers can access recipes, read articles and listen to podcasts as well as join ‘The Club’ that is for those wanting to have diet support through forums, video courses, access to all articles and attendance at club open days.