1. The Immune System for Medics Assignment Guidelines

Lesson Materials

Using the theory outlined in the module, you are required to develop a recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your recipe should demonstrate your knowledge of how nutrition influences the immune system. You will find a downloadable template above which you will need to use for each recipe.

The recipe requires a comprehensive explanation of why specific ingredients have been incorporated into the dish as well as a justification for why the dish may have been assembled in a particular way. This should relate back to the theory set out in the module.

Explanations – if you find something in a piece of work, ie that excess blood glucose can be shuttled to the liver for lipogenesis that you find in a study, try and establish the why. What happens when the excess glucose gets sent there? When that occurs, why is it a problem? It’s not really enough to just say ‘xy happens’ It has to be ‘xy happens because, and this causes, z, which affects that…etc’.

Don’t worry, we aren’t expecting every single ingredient to be functional, but all the ingredients that do play a role need to be discussed. Ingredients can be incorporated into dishes for flavour, texture or purely culinary purposes. However, the underpinning theme of the dish must be driven by the theory in the module.

We have provided you with an example of an assignment with an explanation of the ingredient benefits. We encourage you to carry out your own research and provided you can justify its benefits, feel free to incorporate other ingredients. The world is your oyster!

The additional research incorporated must be appropriately referenced. Please refer to sections 1.6 & 1.8 of the student guide during the course for guidance.

The word count for this assignment is 1200 words. Please list the word count on the top right-hand corner of your assignment. Please also list your full name and email address on the first page of the assignment.

Helpful tips:

  • Recipes should be clear and easy to follow. The quantities of ingredients and the method should be clearly explained
  • The health benefits of the ingredients chosen should be relevant to the module, rather than just describing general health benefits. This is very important, if the ingredient is beneficial for joint health then don’t explain those benefits in the insulin resistance and diabetes assignment
  • Write your assignment as though the reader has no nutritional knowledge or training, and has not read the course material. For example, it is not enough to explain a food contains fibre, without explaining why this is important in supporting blood sugar balance and how this relates to disease prevention or management
  • In all assignments, we request that you cook the recipes yourself to ensure they taste good and submit pictures with your assignment
  • Please note that these photo’s need to be of a high enough quality to be used on a website. High res and a ratio of 1800 by 1200 pixels
  • High Res Images are to be uploaded on the separate upload page provided
  • We require Harvard Style referencing as can be seen in the example assignment

Marking Criteria

Assignment II: Immune System

Content – Marks available 75. A score of 60 is required to proceed to the next module.

  • relevant food sources identified
  • functions of nutrients clearly represented and understood
  • clear discussion of the possible drivers, causes and risk factors of the disease process
  • understanding of polysaccharides and beta glucans and how they support immunity
  • demonstrate knowledge of how key nutrients zinc and vitamin C play a role in supporting immunity
  • awareness of the role of gut health and essential fatty acids in immunity

Spelling & grammar – Marks available 5.

  • correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • appropriate use of language

Presentation & referencing – Marks available 20. A score of 16 is required to proceed to the next module.

  • evidence of wide reading
  • a minimum of 5 sources of reference
  • synthesis of knowledge
  • adherence to word length and assignment structure
  • correct use of referencing and bibliography
  • currency of knowledge demonstrated

If you do not achieve the required marks we will coach you and ask you to resubmit the assignment with the necessary adjustments.

Submitting your assignment:

Images: Please upload your high res photos on the page provided. These need to be uploaded separately to the assignment as well as being included with your recipe (the image within your assignment can be low res). Please name the file with your full name, module number and recipe name. Ie: JoeBlogs7PrawnNoodles.

Assignment: Please upload your assignments using the template in Microsoft Word format, on the ‘Recipe assignment upload’ page.’ We provide you with our feedback within the text of the assignment and cannot accept documents not submitted in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Save the WORD document with your full name and module number. Ie: JoeBlocksModule1

We aim to mark assignments within a week of receiving them. Once the assignment is marked it will be returned with feedback. Should you need to resubmit your assignment you have 1 week to do so.